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Bring a variety of clothing styles and colors. If you are being photographed during the summer months, bring some long sleeve tops even though it's warm and not all summer clothing. Tans are great for color, but make sure your clothing choices do not show tan lines as they will detract from your photo. Try to group clothes according to color tones and stay away from high contrast like a white top and black pants. Put all clothing on hangers and have them pressed and ready to wear. Place shoes and accessories in a bag around the hanger of each outfit.


Try to have haircuts done 1 to 2 weeks prior so it can look natural for your photos. Style as you would normally and don't try out "new" hairstyles for your session. If you would like to do a couple of different styles for your session, please bring all hair items needed to make the change.


They will show in your photos! We recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session



If you are applying your own make-up, simply applying a little heavier than normal will be fine. Having even coverage on your entire face is important! Stay away from foundations and powders with SPFs. If you normally don't wear make-up or you are unsure about how to apply for your best portrait look, I highly recommend using one of our professional make-up artists. Allow an extra 45 min in addition to your photo session.


Athletic uniforms, musical instruments, books, hats-whatever is uniquely you!


If you are not having professional make-up done at our studio, please arrive with hair and make-up fully applied, along with your clothes, shoes and accessories ready to go.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to session time. Being late results in less photo time for your session!

Bring hairspray and make-up for retouching as needed during session.

Payment is due at the time of session. We accept credit cards, checks and cash. Payment plans are available for print orders only.

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