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Makeup is an integral part of a successful photo session. One size does not fit all since everyone's normal varies. When in doubt, hire an artist who is trained in photography makeup!


  • Makeup gets cut or looks less in a photo. Depending on the lighting you're working with, it could even cut what you applied in half. 

  • Intensifying your look for pictures does not necessarily mean piling on more of what you normally do, it's all about being strategic in product and product placement.  

  • Determine what your starting point is or what is normal for you. this is different for everyone.Whatever you do normally should be intensified.  


Do I need to wear makeup that day? YES! Makeup is a necessary part of a polished look!  A well done makeup job will boost confidence which will show in the pictures. And, while a heavy madeup face is rarely what anyone actually wants, it is entirely necessary to enhance your features so you look like YOURSELF in a photo!  I always recommend hiring a professional artist to do your makeup for those special times too so you don't have to worry about it. Even the "no-makeup" look takes makeup and a little extra skill doesn't hurt!


I wear makeup but in photos I feel like I always look like I'm not wearing anything. Why and what can I do to change it? What most people don't realize that the same gorgeous lighting conditions that are great for pictures can also wash you out. Bright awesome light can make a rosy complexion look pallid, a diminish features that seem defined face to face.  Makeup is necessary, in fact more than usual makeup is necessary. Here's the catch: everyone's definition of "natural" or "dramatic" is different, and how you view yourself in a photo is not going to be how everyone else views you.

Tips provided by our makeup artist team lead, Jessica Palmer (

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